Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 167 Animal
back home since 1992

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 167 Animal
back home since 1992

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 167 Animal
back home since 1992

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 167 Animal
back home since 1992

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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From the International Takhi-Group

Takhi-Post - get informed

How do the Takhis travel? What are the most important issues for the president of ITG, Reinhard Schnidrig? What are the latest news at Takintal?
You will get all these informations reading the Takhi-Post, the newsletter of the "Friends of the Takhi"!
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Innermongolian collaboration in favor of the Przewalski's horse

The close collaboration of the Hustai Nuuru and Takhintal reintroduction projects resulted in a transport of four Takhis ot Takhintal and further to Takhin us on July 22nd. This was made possible by the help of Prague zoo and the Czech Army which porvided their airplane and their knowledge to successfully organise this transport.

Four mares from Europe for the Takhi population in the Gobi B

On July 18th four mares coming from alle over Europe have been brought to Takhintal thanks to the cooperation of Prague Zoo (member of the ITG) and the Czech Army. They had been flown from Prague to Bulgan and then brought by trucks to Takhintal, where they were released to the acclimatization enclosure shortly after midnight.

The new Takhis had been selected on a genetical basis, in order to bring more variability of genetics into the Takhintal population. They will remain in the acclimatization enclosure for one year. Thus they can adapt to the mongolian climate and can be observed closely by the rangers of the Gobi B.

English lessons fpr the rangers in the Gobi B national park

During one month the rangers at Takhintal had the chance to intensely learn english. This was made possible on a voluntary basis by a retired teacher from Switzerland. Uli Rutz took also the chance to give some lessons at the school of Bugat during 3 days. Thus on the other hand he had the chance to get to know the daily live of the nomads and the rangers and had the chance to accompany the rangers to the wildlife of the Gobi B. You will find his short report here.

Foals in the Gobi B

By the end of May the rangers of  the Gobi B could count 17 foals in different harem-groups, and they expect at least twice as many until September - the Takhi-population is growing!

In commemoration of B. Chinbat

On May 2nd former ranger B. Chinbat died after a severe illness. The rangers of the Gobi B National Park and the ITG grieve for warmhearted and very active ranger who shared his experience willingly with his younger colleagues and was also politically active for the Takhis in the Gobi B.
ITG expresses its sencere condolences to the family of B. Chinbat.

New fences for the acclimatization enclosure

Floods in springtime of 2015 had caused broken poles and wires at the acclimatization enclosure at Takhintal. Therefore the rangers had a load of work when the weather started to be more convenient in spring 2016. They not only redesigned and rebuilt the enclosure at Takhintal but also enlarged the one at Takhin us which will be used for new Takhis in the western part of the Gobi B National Park.

132 Takhis to start into the Mongolian winter

Wintertime at Takhintal has started on September 28th, 2015. Since the beginning of November a permanent snow-layer covers the Great Gobi B, SPA. The Takhi-population started with 132 animals into the winter 2015/16.

Due to more male than female foals in 2015, sex ratio has slightly changed to 2:1 (female:male).

Takhi back home!

ITG Mongolia had supported to establish takhi information corners in the museums of the two Aimag centers Gobi Altai and Khovd. The exhibition "Takhi back home" shows the history of the Takhis and their reinintroduction to the Great Gobi B SPA.

During his visit to Mongolia in September 2015 Reinhard Schnidrig, president of the ITG had the pleasure to officially open the photo-exhibition together with the Governor of Khovd Mr.Tseveenravdan.

4 new Takhis from Europe

Sunday night of the first week in July 2015 four mares were released to the acclimatization enclosure of Takhintal in the Gobi B strictly protected area. Thus so far Prague zoo in cooperation with the Czech Army have brought back 19 Takhis to Mongolia since 2011.

This year's transport was complicated by the extreme heat in th Czech Republic and by torrential rains in Mongolia in the weeks before. Nevertheless after travel of 36 hours all Takhis are in a good shape and are already getting used to the new climate and food.

Reinhard Schnidrig is the new president of the ITG

ITG has elected Reinhard Schnidrig as new president of the ITG, he is active in the CMS (Convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals), thus emphasizing international networking on nature protection in the Gobi B. 

Thomas Pfisterer has retired as president of the ITG. During the years of his presidency he has introduced "democracy for nature protection" on the agenda and has promoted this idea with much meticulousness, energy and commitment. This led to a paradigm shift in the Gobi B region of Mongolia on a political level of nature conservation. For this achievement and his immense work, ITG has awarded him the honorary presidency.

Already 15 Foals in 2015

15 newborn Takhis in the Dzungarian Gobi B means that the poulation is growing!

Honorary Doctorates for Dorothee Stamm and Thomas Pfisterer

At the annual Dies Academicus (April 25th, 2015) two members of the Intenational Takhi-Group were awarded Honorary Doctorates of the Vetsuisse faculty of the University of Zurich for their contribution to the conservation of the Przewalski's horse.

Dorothee Stamm, honorary member of the ITG, was awarded honorary doctor for her manifold contributions to the conservation of the Przewalski's horse and to the reintroduction of the Takhi in the Gobi B.

Thomas Pfisterer
is the current president of the ITG. He has intensified the political dimension of Takhi conservation and ttheir reintroduction into Mongolia and has built up important contacts and contracts on regional and national levels. These efforts were awarded with the honorary doctorate.

first foal 2015

On April 22nd the first foal of this year was born in the Gobi B. His mother "mare Od" has been the "first mother of the year" in 2014 already. According to observations of the rangers around 30 young Takhis are expected in 2015.

not much snow but low temperatures

Since mid-november snowfall has started at Takhin Tal but snow cover only reached about 10 cm and was even patchy at some places like Takhin us and Chonin us. However air temperature was decreasing rapidly. Still the Takhis are in good shape and had been moving toward their winter ranges lately.

All Takhis in good shape

Thanks to a relatively mild winter all Takhis have started in good shape into springtime. Snowmelt fell into a time with little wind and therefore the moisture had the chance to drain into the soil. This will hopefully result in a good vegetation.

Photo-exhibition in Tokyo

In march Prof. Sanekato Takeshi has organised a photo-exhibiton and talks in Tokyo. The japanese audience had the chance to get to know more about the Takhi, its history and reintroduction as well as the nomadic life and fauna in Mongolia.

113 Takhis by the end of 2014

By the end of 2014 the Takhi-poulation at Takhin Tal counts 113 individuals, 22 of them being foals. They are living in 9 harem groups, 2 bachelor groups and a mare group which ist still in the fenced area.

During summertime there were a lot of movements within the groups but they are more stable since wintertime has started. However the different groups have been seen grazing very near to each other since autumn which only had been known from the time before extinction in the wild.

Great Honor for ITG-board member Miroslav Bobek

In september 2014 Miroslav Bobek received the "Medal of Friendship" from the Mongolian president. This is a great honor for him and as he says also for the ITG for all the work done for the Takhi-reintroduction.

Learning about the Takhis

Again several young students from schools of the region had the possibility to participate in a fieldtrip to Takhintal. They learned about the ecology of the Gobi B SPA and especially about the Przewalski's horses. Lots of fieldnames in the Gobi B have the word "Takhi" in it and therefore it is important for the children to know about the history of the Takhi extinction and reintroduction in their region.

Three new Mares for the Gobi B

In July 2014, 3 more mares were transported from Prague to Takhintal. Thanks to several years of experience the journey was faster than during the previous years. The Takhis were in a good shape and could even be released during daytime. In the picture Takhi "Bayan" entering mongolian soil.

Takhi's Friends Mongolia

Takhis are getting support from Ulaanbaatar - Alfred Näf and Joachim Göttel founded the Takhi's Friends Mongolia.
Their goal is to raise money, to support projects at Takhintal and to inform people in the city about the Takhi and its importance for the mongolian ecology. Takhi's Friends Mongolia is working in a tight collaboration with "Freunde des Wildpferdes" in Switzerland.

Contacts with Jimsar breeding station in China

In the last weeks of May the contacts with the breeding center of Jimsar near the Mongolian boarder in China has been intensified and two representatives of the Takhintal reintrodutions site have visited the center. It is planned to have more transports of mares in the future similar to the one which was carried out  in 2012.

New Takhi-Exhibition at Gobi Altai Nature Museum

In the nature museum of the Altai museum the wildlife and takhi-room have been renovated thanks to a donation of Chur Nature Museum (Switzerland). The new exhibition was officially opened in presence of the the deputy governor and the head of the Nature Environment department of Gobi Altay.

New ITG board members

At the General Assembly of the ITG on May 13th, three new board members have been elected. Miroslav Bobek and Jaroslav Simek (both Prague Zoo) have already worked for the board and had organized several Takhi transports from Prague to Takhintal in the recent years. Karin Hindenlang Clerc is head of the Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg from where a number of transports of Takhis had been brought to Mongolia at the beginning of the millennium.

Solar driven well in the Great Gobi B SPA

Water sources are very important for the wildlife in the Great Gobi B. In February 2014 a new solar driven well was built near Huduu serten. The well is equipped with a camera trap which will keep record of the wildlife visiting the new well. The new well has been financed by the Mongolian government.

The well has been very well accepted by the wildlife during the year. One harem-group from Takhin Us has seen at the well in september which means that the group has enlarged there homerange very much by the means of the well.

Local administrations agree to Enlargement of the Great Gobi B SPA

The current area of the Great Gobi B SPA is part of four sums (Bugat und Tonhil im Gobi Altai Aimag und Altai und Uench im Khovd Aimag). In this region the the last Takhis in the wild have been seen. By now 90 free-roaming Takhis live in the area.

In order to protect the Takhis and other species which cover long distances, it is important to work towards a bigger protected area. For more than one year work has to be done to enlarge the Great Gobi B SPA. By now all local administrations have agreed to the enlargement in democratic processes. In May 2014 the project will be discussed in the National Parliament in Ulaanbaatar.

Springtime is starting in the Takhintal area

Wintertime of 2013/14 seems to have been relatively mild with little snow cover. Springtime has has started and the Takhis have already left their winter habitats to reach their springtime roaming sites.

For 2014 rangers who are monitoring the Takhis carefully expect quite a lot of foals.

Senior Ranger N. Altansukh received "honorary certificate" from Minister

Specialist N. Altansukh of the Takhintal reintroduction center has received the "Honorary Certificate" of the Ministry of Nature and Green Development (MNGD).

At Takhintal he works for the Great Gobi B SPA as a conservation officer as well as finance manager of the administration. Furthermore he helps coordinating the Takhi reintroduction project at of the ITG in this area. Contgratulation to this award!

Rare guest in the Dzungarian Gobi

On December 10th 2013 our rangers had the chance to take this great picture of a lynx in the Dzungarian Gobi.



Downloads and Social Media

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Interesting Article about nature, culture and nature protection in the Dzungarian Gobi; description of the reintroduction project of the Przewalski's horse.

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